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Kitchen Remodeling in Citrus Heights, California

The kitchen is the most emotionally bonding room in the home in Citrus Heights, California. It serves to establish a bond with the first viewing of the home by prospective buyers. After the purchase, each visitor is ushered into the kitchen in California, preferably the home's owner does so with pride. He or she does this to initiate and solidify yet another bond with another person. If your kitchen fails to meet certain standards, it's almost impossible to form these essential bonds with others successfully. The state of your kitchen may be indicating that you desperately need Kitchen Remodeling in Citrus Heights, California. aristaskitchen.com is a great place to get the inspiration and guidance needed to create the ideal functioning kitchen for your family and home.

Steps in Planning Kitchen Remodeling with aristaskitchen.com

The first step is to examine the layout of your existing kitchen. This is the job of the designer working on the project. You, the owner may also be involved. After some discussion, you should begin your plan of action with the design development contract, which is followed by the first onsite visit by the designer.

The designer in Citrus Heights, California begins working on conceptualizing a new look for your kitchen. When you agree on the new layout, a work contract will be presented for you to sign. The contract will include an estimate of the costs and will probably include floor plans as well as list the parties involved including the contractor, designer, planner and project manager. The contract may need to be revised and your signature may be required more than once for each change or addition.

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To get started on the improvements, work permits may be required. It will be necessary for the contractor to apply for work permits and a working drawing may also be required. A work schedule should be devised and adhered to in order to guarantee some regular work flow. At this point the project manager who could already be serving another role in the Kitchen Remodeling process takes over the management of the process.

The project manager is responsible for keeping the home owner updated with the progress of the remodel during regular meetings. He or she also collects payments from the home owner as the project progresses.

As the project nears an end, a walk-through is scheduled. This is when the home owner will view the final working project. All the fixtures should be in place complete with trim, appliances should function properly and decor should be complete. When final payment is made, the owner should feel his or her project was completed to their satisfaction.


In addition to the major appliances, your kitchen will be composed of many working elements. You may elect to have a floor plan that allows for more than one prep area, more than one stove top or even more than one oven and/or refrigerator. The floor layout will have to consider all the unique aspects of your kitchen. Planning a kitchen remodel will take all these requirements into consideration.


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Kitchen Remodeling

Design ideas include the working triangle's configuration, the appliances selected, the look of your countertops and the look of your cabinets in CA. In addition, there are wall colors to choose and lighting elements along with your flooring choice. If you are a dedicated chef, you may require upscale appliances or a gas range versus an electric range. If you prefer automation, you may need a built-in microwave, toaster oven and or a dishwasher. Effective countertops can be granite, Carrara marble, quartz, Corian, Formica, butcher block or concrete. Cabinet choices are plentiful also. Owners can choose cabinets made from solid wood, composite, laminate or Thermofoil. The owner will pay $80-150 per linear foot for solid wood cabinets and $50-$75 per linear foot for laminate or Thermofoil cabinets. This particular kitchen element will probably be the most costly element of the kitchen remodel in Citrus Heights, California.

There are base cabinets that sit just above the floor. Most home owners also select wall cabinets to match the base cabinets. Some owners choose to have a different looking cabinet on the wall than the look on the floor. Often glass doors are chosen for wall cabinets. Tall cabinets that reach ceiling height and full length room height cabinets are also used. Specialty cabinets are often chosen to house appliances, to fit in tight corners, to mask cooktop and sink fronts and to store alcoholic beverages.


Appliances are the most versatile. In addition to the different power sources, kitchen appliances have the options of many unique features. It's the home owners and designer's responsibility to select the most affordable appliance designs that yield the results they are seeking based on their needs coupled with their desires.

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Lighting and flooring are elements that should also appear in the design plans agreed upon by the home owner and the Kitchen Remodeling designer. Your options are again plentiful. Kitchen lighting can include single and groupings of ceiling, wall and under cabinet fixtures. Pendant lighting fixtures are common as are flush mounted ceiling lights, recessed lighting, fluorescents and track lighting. The lighting elements can be located in the center of the kitchen, over the island, under the cabinets or along the walls. These are generally task oriented lighting choices.

Working along with the choices for appliances, kitchen elements such as cabinets, countertops and lighting are flooring and wall treatments. The designer and the homeowner will select the flooring material that serves their needs and taste best. Wall treatments are the most arbitrary of the design options, as wall colors rarely affect the performance of the kitchen in Citrus Heights, California. Arista Kitchen will guide all your selections so that they combine to formulate the most successful final product, your remodeled kitchen.

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AristaKitchen is the number one source for all your Kitchen Remodeling needs in CA. All our designers and tradesmen are professional and licensed. We finish every remodeling job on time and on budget with the finesse desired by our patrons. Our showroom has access to all the latest elements of decor and the most technologically advanced appliances and our workman use the most modern techniques. We proudly stand by our work and are happy to share a viewing of our portfolio, which documents our successful kitchens in Citrus Heights, California. It is always a pleasure to serve the homeowner who is ready to remodel the most lived-in room in the house.

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